Just how bad were The Spoiler’s pre-season predictions?

Sunderland in the top six, Wolves in the top half and other errors


The Spoiler made ten pre-season predictions last summer. Now comes that awkward moment to look back and cringe…

Arsenal will, as always, finish in the top four Our faith in the profit-first, football-second Gunners was vindicated, kindly assisted by a typically Spursian slump, Andre Villas-Boas’ over-eagerness to overhaul and Liverpool being Liverpool. 1pt.

Sunderland will [...]

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The Spoiler Awards – Signing of the Season

Hernandez was heartbroken by our harsh decision to snub him

Javier Hernandez

Some pundits will tell you that Javier Hernandez is not only the signing of the season but of the entire century, however we’re going to try to make a case for somebody else, more so to avoid [...]

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ringside seats

West Ham’s Gala dinner lived up to the billing…



There’s definitely a joke about West Ham showing more fight on Monday night than they have all season but for the life of us we can’t work out what it is. It wouldn’t be that good anyway.

Anyway, while we mocked the idea of paying £2,500 (between [...]

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