Three each, no favouritism

Six great goals from games between Arsenal and Tottenham

Perryman and Hollins – pre-YouTube


Spurs’ game against Arsenal this evening should be very nice. The weather looks like it’ll be lovely in north London and people should have a delightful time. It isn’t quite catching The Spoiler’s attention as much as it has previously though, simply because [...]

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Premier League XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League Team of the Decade

Hands up who agrees… anyone?

Premier League team of the decade

As compiled teams go, the above one was almost impossible to settle on, and will surely ruffle about a million feathers. But, even so, it’s The Spoiler’s team of the decade.

In goal, Given [...]

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Is Arsenal’s attack better than it was in the Invincibles era?

van Persie, Fabregas and Arshavin > Henry, Pires and Bergkamp?


After Arsenal’s 4-1 Champions League cakewalk against the Eredivisie champions last night, Arsene Wenger was moved to compare his young team to the unbeaten Gunners squad of 03/04:

We’ve never had as many options on the creative side. We [...]

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Mad Skillz

Video: Dennis Bergkamp has still got it

Remember when the Dutch legend used to do this at Highbury?

He may be forty years old, but Dennis Bergkamp’s breathtaking technique showed no signs of fading in [...]

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Arsenal in talks to sign long-term Spurs target

Is Arsene Wenger really about to spend £20 million?

Tottenham have been linked with Andrei Arshavin ever since Euro 2008 but Zenit St Petersburg have confirmed to Sky Sports News that they are holding transfer talks with Arsenal regarding the Russian playmaker.

A quick glance at the reaction of Spurs fans online shows that some [...]

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