The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First Chelsea team of the Millennium

Tall one’s Flo. Little one at the back – Wise.


With the “noughties”, or “noughts”, quickly fading, The Spoiler thought it about time that someone paid tribute to some of the football teams that first trotted out on to the pitch at the dawn of the new Millennium.

Today, [...]

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The Year 2000!

FLASHBACK: First England Team of the Millennium

Keegan horsing around during a pre-match training session

Kevin Keegan

With the end of the first decade of the Millenium just about mouthing “hello” from over the horizon, The Spoiler is taking the opportunity to doff a cap to some of the teams that graced the field in [...]

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Wise v Keegan continued

Loveable Dennis Wise reveals misunderstood masterplan

Dennis Wise finally explains why spending £1million on a player who is no good, was actually an excellent idea.

Cheeky Dennis

In a hefty dose of nostalgia that left readers longing for the good old days, the weekend newspapers were once more cluttered to the [...]

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Where's Wisey Update

Missing person located at Stamford Bridge

Ratboy turns up for Chelsea captains’ lap of honour

Chelsea’s most successful captain

Several months ago, a small aggressive man with rat-like features went missing from the north east. His last known employer was Newcastle Utd football club, and he was last seen in the company of [...]

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