Money Matter$

Mike Ashley imposes transfer spending limit on Newcastle

Toon billionaire reveals his pockets are not bottomless

Mike Ashley and Derek Llambias

Mike Ashley - who showed his inner Geordie by donning just a shirt in the stands last week – has revealed Newcastle’s spending budget will be limited to £15m this summer.

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Geordie News

Newcastle’s five year plan to become Aston Villa

Mike Ashley wants to “challenge for everything,” says Llambias

Derek Llambias

With a manager awaiting heart surgery (best wishes from The Spoiler, JK), an estranged owner, a heavily disgruntled fanbase and an Executive Director who is completely MIA, Newcastle Utd are not in great shape.

Taking a [...]

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The Big Question

Is Keegan still the messiah if he sues Newcastle?

He’s not the messiah, he’s a very greedy boy

Kevin Keegs

Hey, you love Jesus right? That’s because he was really cool about everything. But what if your nice beardy Jesus man had risen from the dead and returned to earth, livid and suing everyone – Judas, Peter, [...]

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Mojito Men

Mike Ashley shuns Dubai business meeting for cocktails

He’s trying his best to sell the club, honest

Mike Ashley

Mike Ashley, Dennis Wise and Derek Llambias will fly back from Dubai today after an unsuccessful sales trip. It wasn’t unsuccessful because of complicated financial negotiations, but rather because they chose to skip the boring business bit and [...]

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Geordie Democracy

Vote: Should Newcastle fans feel let down by Kevin Keegan?

Was the Geordie Messiah right to leave the club at this stage?

Kevin Keegan

Following the announcement that King Kev has abdicated from his throne, one despairing Newcastle fan has gone as far as throwing his shirt and season ticket into the Tyne, in anger at the club’s board. [...]

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