Transfer stuff

Wilkins back to Chelsea, Adam to Liverpool and more…

Irina Shayk- not coming to Manchester


The Sun revealed today that Cristiano Ronaldo will NOT be joining Manchester City.

Bloody hell – who would’ve thought?

Anyway, here’s some transfer ‘news’ that people think might actually happen which makes it roughly a million times better than transfer ‘news’ about something [...]

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A poll!

What would you do if you were Carlo Ancelotti?

Maybe one of these would stand a better chance of scoring?


The Spoiler has a friend who loves hypothetical questions like you would not believe. Barely a conversation goes by without him asking the type of questions that would make a five-year-old wince and have Jeremy Paxman spin [...]

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Controversial stuff

Is this the worst Premier League season ever?

… Misty, watercoloured memories

cantona.jpg The Spoiler is a bit confused. Yes, there have been some brilliant games and some tip-top goals in the Premier League this season, but there seems to be something missing.

The fact that Nemanja Vidic looks set to win player of the year suggests [...]

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A poll!

(Carroll + Suarez) – (Torres/No Adam) = better Liverpool?

Lynx – firey


Well, that all went a bit bloody mental didn’t it? After weeks of boredom listening to people saying: “£18m for Darren Bent? All he does is score loads of goals,” the transfer window got all exciting as money was thrown about in a manner that would [...]

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Drogba kicks the ball hard and does a goal

Jaaskelainen – no chance

The Spoiler loves a cheeky little chip or an intricate Tiki-taka goal, but sometimes you just can’t beat someone kicking the ball proper hard.

We [...]

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Didier Drogba is recovering from malaria

Striker caught mosquito-borne disease weeks ago


It’s been revealed Didier Drogba‘s recent absence from the Chelsea squad has been down to the striker catching malaria while on holiday.

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