Transfer Talk

Liverpool man linked with Barca, and Robinho update…

Clue: he’s in this picture


Those still reeling for the Crouchie-pays-for-sex debacle that totally ruined Abbey Clancy’s weekend might be interested to know that she’s sought advice from Toni Terry – JT’s rather put upon baby mama/wife.

Crouchie, without wanting to speak too soon, it looks like you got [...]

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Transfer Talk

Drogba linked with Man City, Kaka linked with Chelsea…

Imagine this, but with a light blue top on

Didier Drogba

Fans of stories about pregnant women will be thrilled to learn that Fernando Torres has excelled himself in the bedroom, to the point where his wife is expecting a baby.

Discussions will presumably now turn to what kind [...]

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The 10 most exciting players at the World Cup… for now

Yes, meet three of them

Ronaldo Kaka and Messi

Of course, a World Cup can make footballers, break footballers, or simply uncover magnificent attacking talent, and over the next few weeks one or two names will surely be introduced into the global vernacular.

In England [...]

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Group of Death Update

OMFG! Didier Drogba OUT of the World Cup!

“Ow, my elbow!”

Didier Drogba

If you happen to be holidaying in Portugal today, chances are that your lunchtime platter of small sausages was temporarily forgotten thanks to a strange noise that sounded like a few million Cristiano Ronaldo fans all sighing in unison. The Group [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Ivory Coast

Beware the Drog

Ivory Coast 

Now for the Ivory Coast. Who are they? Can they win the World Cup? And is Didier Drogba feeling a bit cold in the above picture? Read on to find out… 

Form Guide

After a disappointing Africa Cup of Nations, the Ivory Coast made [...]

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Betting News

Put your money where Didier Drogba’s mouth is

Drog-Drog – goal machine


As reported in today’s ooh-ah Daily Star, Didier Drogba said this in a recent interview:

“Can I be top scorer at the World Cup? I really hope so.”

“It’s important that we do well as a nation but if I can win the World Cup [...]

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Cross Dressing

Drogba provides tabloids with great punning material

Look, he’s got a bra on!


Visit any tabloid office in the country, and it’ll soon become apparent that the headline is king. Yes, the articles themselves are quite important, but without some startling words in bold to draw the punters in, these things would never get [...]

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