Diego: definitely a ladies’ man

Can love help win the World Cup?

One hack’s innocent question is presumably mangled into a worrying statement about ‘player love’ by Diego’s translator. [via 101GG]

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Urgent Facial Hair News

Diego Maradona grows a magnificent beard!

“Diego! Diego!… why have you grown a beard?”

Diego Maradona

Footballers have a very uppy-downy relationship with facial hair. On some, it looks magnificent – Socrates, Gattuso, occasionally Beckham. Whilst on others, it can look rubbish, such as in the case of Benitez when he opted for “the full [...]

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Diego Maradona fined, banned from football for two months

Feigning blindness didn’t get him an easy ride…


Diego Maradona‘s post-World Cup qualification uber-cussing (“you lot suck my d**k” or “you lot take it up the a**e”, depending on what side of the equator you reside on), has earned him a two month ban and a fine of almost [...]

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Maradona: sex, gas and threats

Legend wins girl over with trouser cough


It seems Argentinean hacks aren’t the only people Diego Maradona has recently entreated to “suck it“. Word reaches us from Spanish rag Sport that The Golden Boy’s preparations for Argentina’s crucial World Cup qualifier against Uruguay basically consisted of chatting [...]

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