Former referee turns suspected drug kingpin

Spanish Div 2 ref does his best Scarface impression…


A former Segunda Division referee has been arrested in Spain on suspicion of masterminding a national-scale drugs trafficking operation. Eduardo Perez Izquierdo was recently arrested with eight other suspects after police uncovered a massive cocaine haul in Madrid.

Izquierdo retired in [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 375: Carolina Baldini

Beckham isn’t the only one who’s unhappy with Diego Simeone

Earlier this year, 34-year-old model Carolina Baldini confirmed that she had separated from former Lazio midfielder and current San Lorenzo manager Diego Simeone. “We have not ceased to love each other, but we could not overcome the crisis,” she [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 41: Julieta Spina

It’s the Argentinean equivalent of Rebecca Loos

In the UK, Diego Simeone is known mainly for getting David Beckham sent off in France 98. How ironic, then, that he and his former wife Carolina Baldini were considered the Posh and Becks of Argentina. Like Mr B and [...]

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