Crystal Ball

The Spoiler’s “Predicted Team of the Season”

How will this look come next year?

Team of the Season? 

Most would agree that only a genius or an idiot would attempt to predict the “Team of the Season” before the first match has even kicked off, so you can draw your own conclusions about that.


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Not Miserable

I might not look happy, but I am, insists Berbatov

Berbatov – cheerful


Nothing makes the heart weep more than watching someone attempting to put a brave face on things, when they’re clearly totally miserable. Such as Dimitar Berbatov, who, for the record, is REALLY HAPPY. Totally fine. Couldn’t be happier, actually.

He said this, as reported in [...]

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Transfer Talk

Berbatov to AC, Milner to City, Clichy to nowhere…

Something funny about “seeing the back of Berbatov”


Fans of both football and showbusiness will surely be delighting in today’s news concerning Adrian Chiles joining the GMTV team. It’s always been The Spoiler’s opinion that his salt of the earth sarcasm would be just the tonic for a housewife embarking on a long day [...]

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Excellent List

10 Footballers who should really be in bands

Can you spot the footballer?


Sometimes looks can be very deceiving. Were you to spot Jan Molby and Matt Le Tissier on your local high street, you wouldn’t have them down as magnificent footballers. Similarly, Arjen Robben and Dirk Kuyt look like they work in the same call centre.

And so it [...]

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News in brief

Big words from Benitez, Berbatov still scared…

So that’s one top four finish… coming up!

Rafa Benitez

Desperate times often call for rather reckless measures, and Benitez has certainly played a hand in his future today, by “guaranteeing” Liverpool a top four finish. A statement that might sway the fans back into his favour in the [...]

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