Is Steven Gerrard a hypocrite?

Liverpool captain throws stones from his glass house

What do we think, folks? Does Gerrard consistently flout the rules from the safety of his high horse, or is YouTube documentarian TopRedCafe [...]

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Hidden Talent

John Terry is a diver

England skipper finds perfect sport to disguise his tears

John Terry the Diver

If Tom Daley’s relationship with mobile-phone loving synchronised diving partner Blake Aldridge is irreparably damaged, there’s a certain Chelsea centre-back willing to fill his Speedos for London 2012.

[Discovered at Pies]

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Sporting Accident

Olympic Flashback: The Greg Louganis head smash

Man bumps head, crowd goes “ooooh”… 

Much of the Olympic Games takes place in the swimming baths. There’s the 100 metres Butterfly, synchronised swimming, bombing, petting, ducking, and, of course, diving. Back in the 1980s when absolutely everything was neon, one man ruled [...]

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Cheating Motor

The French think Holland dive too much

Car company capture spirit of cheating in Euro 2008 advert

If Les Bleus are attempting to befriend their Dutch cousins so that they may show them some mercy in their final group game tonight, they’re going about [...]

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