Motor Skills

Cristiano Ronaldo insists he is a good driver

C-Ron defends his recent motoring accident

Cristiano Ronaldo’ Ferrari

A few weeks ago, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to raise his insurance premiums even further into the stratosphere by making some drastic alterations to the chassis of his gorgeous £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB.

Today, he has insisted his driving skills [...]

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Right-Hand Drive Issues

Revealed: The real reason Robinho took the bus

Man City forward fears driving in the UK

Robinho rides the bus

The Premier League’s most expensive player isn’t averse to taking a helicopter to training, so we were all surprised in his decision to take a bus to a Manchester shopping centre a few [...]

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Worst Driving Ever

The French demonstrate the correct way to drive a coach

Ribery-less France struggle to take corners

French team coach

In many parts of France, drivers think nothing of ‘nudging’ parked cars in order to fit their own vehicle into a tight spot. Last night, the French team coach driver employed the bumper car mentality when attempting to [...]

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