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Need an important football phone number? Ask Drogba!

“Call me”

Drogba and Hiddink

You’d think that the inner workings of football would be like a well-oiled machine, or a complicated series of electical circuits, all intertwined, zapping around to a very strict schedule. In many ways, a bit like the offices in Mad Men, only less smokey, and not [...]

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Transfer News

Everton join the queue for the “new Drogba”…

Lukaku – sweet sixteen


Footballers have a fairly swift turnaround, lasting perhaps five years at the top of their game, before eyes start wandering, searching feverishly for their replacements.

Messi is about the forty-seventh “new Maradona”, for a while there Joe Cole was “the new Gazza”, and at one [...]

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VIDEO: Drogba’s double against Arsenal

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal

For those of you too busy worshiping your god of choice to watch any weekend television, above are the highlight’s from yesterday’s football match, [...]

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Africa Cup of Nations

Consensus split over the Africa Cup of Nations

Police escort the Ivory Coast team bus

Ivory Coast

The disturbing scenes which saw three members of Togo’s traveling party shot dead have obviously put the Africa Cup of Nations under serious scrutiny, begging that question as to whether other teams should follow Togo’s lead and pull out of the competition.


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African XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League African Cup of Nations XI

“Don’t mess up, Chelsea!”


With The African Cup of Nations set to deprive the Premier League of some wonderful players for the majority of January, The Spoiler thought it absolutely necessary to compile a team of the most brilliant Africans who won’t be representing their clubs for a hefty chunk of [...]

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Photographic Evidence

Interesting Deco, Ferdinand and Cheryl Cole news

Away from the pitch they’re just like you… only cooler

Cheryl Cole

Thank Christ for the paparazzi. There, we said it. Because without these drooling heroes with their gigantic cameras and intrusive personalities, we would know nothing about the real lives of our footballers and their WAGs. Until this [...]

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The Big Debate

Is Liverpool the NICEST club in the Premier League?

Just a question, not a declaration of war…


Alright, football fans, put the grenades down, and throw your machetes into a nearby hedge. The Spoiler knows the drill by now, your claws are out, and we can only apologise for the headline – we didn’t do it just to [...]

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