Brekkin' The Law

Ashley Cole arrested and fined for being drunk

Moronic Chelsea star lives it up while the missus is out of town

Ashley Cole is a chump

As a kind spirit who no longer beats up toilet attendants, Cheryl Cole is currently doing her bit for charity by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro for Comic Relief.


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Premier League Drinking

Giovani Dos Santos learns a very valuable lesson from Ledley King

Going out is much more fun when you get hammered

Giovani Dos Santos

Twas the Tottenham Christmas party this week, and Giovani Dos Santos gave his greatest performance of the season. After enjoying the festivities at London’s Taman Gang Club, the Mexican decided not to use his injured [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 190: Iva Buzov

The Croatian beauty who’s had one too many WKD Blues

While things are in crisis at White Hart Lane, it’s good to see some of the WAGs are on their worst behaviour. Our besties at Kickette have alerted us to Vedran Corluka’s 21-year-old fiancée Iva Buzov, who has whipped [...]

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Drunky Buddha

Busy night for Lampard

Midfielder does some serious multi-tasking

Frank Lampard

Seems that Lampsie has piled a few extra hours onto his day, as he gets a droopy-eyed lift home from London’s fashionable drinkery, Funky Buddha.

Over the course of just one evening, he’d had a fantastic game for Chelsea, knocked in [...]

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Big Time Drinker

British gold medallist gets drunk in Beijing, jumps in front of a taxi

Cyclist celebrates achievements by endangering life

Bradley Wiggins

Bradley Wiggins was in high spirits after securing two gold medals at the Beijing velodrome (the french term for ‘bike shed’) and decided to have a little tipple at London House (a hastily-named venue set up by the Chinese to celebrate [...]

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Mr Saturday Night

Ledley King gets loaded

Behold, an innovative exit


In these days of modern football celebrity, it’s important for sportsmen to exercise discretion when they’re out. Beckham, for example, would probably use a secret back door to leave a restaurant, while Lampsie would never even dream of going for a milkshake without disguising himself [...]

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Inebriated Official

Video: Drunk referee escorted from the pitch

Match official decides to take the Paul Merson approach

The ref in this Belarusian game between FC Naftan and FC Vitebsk may be suffering from some sort of incapacitating back spasm, but the [...]

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