World Cup Fever

Some big names miss out on World Cup selection…

Benzema - still “the new Zidane”?


After a look at the named squads for the World Cup, one or two players are notable for their absence. Dunga, as predicted, has left Ronaldinho out in the cold, along with Adriano and Pato. The kibosh has also been put in Ruud van Nistelrooy’s [...]

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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: Brazil

“Kiss my face”

Ronaldinho and Robinho

And so now to the second of The Spoiler’s World Cup profiles. Brazil – famous for being brilliant at football, great at throwing parties that involve women in bikinis dancing around in the street, and not bad at winning major tournaments. But, beaneath [...]

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World Cup Fever

Brazil coach Dunga in lack of sense of humour shocker!

Dunga – not amused


Dunga has always had the look of a man who would react to a practical joke by upping the revenge stakes to preposterous proportions. You surprise him with a squirty flower, he bides his time, then breaks three of your fingers.

So, it comes as little surprise [...]

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