WAG of the Day

WAG No. 343: Daniela Hantuchová

Did Slovakia’s finest sportslady enjoy a tryst with a Madrid star?

Up until January, Real Madrid’s Wesley Sneijder was married to lovely Dutch lady Ramona Streekstra. The dissolution of their relationship and Sneijder’s subsequent €6m divorce payout may have had something to do with strong rumours that the attacking midfielder was [...]

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Hot Stuff

Zenden and his wife bring the sexy to French football

Dutchman throws some manly poses with his WAG

In the French version of this week’s Sport magazine (the freebie that is thrust in your face whenever disembarking from public transport on a Friday morning), former Middlesbrough, Chelsea and Liverpool star Boudewijn Zenden has proudly shown off his rock-hard abs, boyband wardrobe and model [...]

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Pseudo Dutchman

Steve McClaren still treating English as a second language

FC Twente boss continues to embarrass himself in the Eredivisie

Steve McClaren’s post match interview checklist:

Foreign managers in the Premier league are successful, so try to emulate their mannerisms and command of English [...]

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Champions League Betting

Five reasons Steve McClaren could shock Arsenal tonight

FC Twente/ Arsenal, Setanta Sports 1, tonight, 7.45pm

Steve McClaren at FC Twente

This is the moment Steve McClaren has been waiting for. It’s his chance to show the world that it’s not his fault that England are a bit poo, and what better [...]

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Oranje Lemmings

Dutch supporters: a bit stupid

Attraction to all things orange leads supporters into trouble

Lovely Dutch Girl

Up until Holland’s impromptu exit from Euro 2008 at the weekend, Switzerland’s National Railway had told its workers to stop wearing orange reflective jackets. According to Reuters, Dutch fans, presumably high and transfixed on [...]

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