Fair enough?

Dynamo Kiev fine their players if they don’t win

Or a bit harsh?


The Spoiler absolutely hates it when we’re having a nice chat with someone about life, love and why England don’t win anything, and they come out and say:

“Yea, well the reason England are rubbish is because they’re all over-paid prima donnas who only care [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Arsenal and Manchester Utd Champions League video highlights

English sides go through, making final group stage game pointless

Arsenal 1/ Dynamo Kiev 0 Cesc Fabgregas became the fourth consecutive permanent Arsenal captain to taste victory in their first European match, thanks to a late [...]

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Champions League

Great news for Captain Fabregas

The stats say he will get off to a winning start tonight

William and Cesc embrace

All eyes will be on Cesc Fabregas tonight, who begins his run as permanent Arensal captain when Dynamo Kiev visit the Emirates. According to the boffins at chickendinner, luck [...]

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In Case You Missed It

Video: William Gallas saves Arsenal’s bacon

Gunners snatch a draw from the jaws of defeat

Arsene Wenger’s reticence to ‘win ugly’ almost cost them dearly in the Ukraine last night, yet Captain Gallas saved the day with an all important equaliser.

Elsewhere, Cristiano Ronaldo avoided a shower of boos (despite

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