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Capello’s back, Evra on Ferguson, Barcelona targets

Fabio – taking care of business

Capello arrives at Heathrow

It will have been a long week for John Terry – probably similar in length to the wait for Christmas when you’re a toddler, or for STD results if you’re the kind of teenager who just [...]

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African XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League African Cup of Nations XI

“Don’t mess up, Chelsea!”


With The African Cup of Nations set to deprive the Premier League of some wonderful players for the majority of January, The Spoiler thought it absolutely necessary to compile a team of the most brilliant Africans who won’t be representing their clubs for a hefty chunk of [...]

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Arsenal/ Liverpool

Why didn’t Theo Walcott start against Liverpool?

Young England star deserved a greater role last night

In the all-English Champions League tie, just two English players started the game (Carragher and Gerard). When Theo Walcott came on in the second [...]

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