When Ligue 1 signings go bad (look away Tottenham fans)

Could Eden Hazard follow in Steve Marlet’s unassuming footsteps?


Given the news that new Messi-Ronaldo-and-Joe-Cole all rolled into one Eden Hazard is keen on joining Tottenham, most are applauding the fact that Spurs are now at a level where they can attract such glamorous names. Trust The Spoiler to stiletto stamp all over that bubble with four examples of bright, shiny Ligue 1 talents [...]

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Transfer Talk

Wayne Bridge forced to resume football classes, and more…

Rihanna – inappropriate


Clearly still reeling from being totally out-slutted by Aguilera on the X Factor, beautiful pop thing Rihanna upped the raunch stakes – according to today’s Sun newspaper – by teasing a street photographer to a presumed semi-erection by revealing her New Year’s Resolution: “sex”.

In less sweaty news, here’s what [...]

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Don Balon’s list of the 100 best young players in the world

You’ll be hearing a lot about this man in the next 20 or so years


Don Balon is a Spanish football magazine with a good line in fate-tempting articles predicting the next generation of world superstars.

Of course, speculating on the potential of young players is a risky [...]

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