It only took 54 days: Edgar Davids in training ground row

Dutch legend lets ‘em know who’s boss


At 37, Edgar Davids‘ legs may be creaking, but he still knows how to get into a good old-fashioned training ground barney.

The Sun report Davids got into a furious row with Crystal Palace‘s on loan defender Julian Bennett two weeks [...]

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Edgar Davids accused of “slapping woman in cinema”

What did the five fingers say to the face?


Recent reports coming out of the Netherlands are claiming Crystal Palace‘s Edgar Davids, officially the Nicest Man In Football, may not carry over his air of suave geniality to his local cinemas.

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Edgar Davids signs for Palace

Any excuse to post this classic

It’s been a good day for Crystal Palace fans. Having this morning received news the club has finally moved out of administration, it now appears legendary dreadlocked midfielder Edgar Davids [...]

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Transfer Talk

Super-injunction defined, plus more news about footballers

More big football news…

Big football 

On a totally unrelated note, a super-injunction is defined thusly:

An injunction obtained in a secret convening of the court where in the result, the court file, the names of the parties and even the terms of the injunction order are secret except [...]

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Quote of the Day #2

Fabio Capello tells it like it is


He won’t take guff from a tubby megastar

It is perceived that many stars of the England team have big bank accounts, even bigger egos and little desire to help their nation succeed. Fabio wouldn’t take any of this nonsense, as he has dropped and fallen out with [...]

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