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Vote: Should Eduardo receive a ban for his dive?

Croat-Brazilian has outraged Scotland with his naughty play acting

Eduardo doing a naughty dive

Since the days of watching David Ginola throw himself around the pitch as if he only possessed limited command of his limbs, The Spoiler has held a disgust diving, and those who [...]

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Video: Arsenal/ Cardiff highlights

The Gunners threaten to actually win something this season

Arsenal 4/ Cardiff 0

In the most touching example of overcoming adversity since Forrest Gump snapped off his leg braces to outrun some bullies, Eduardo scored twice in [...]

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Look who’s back!

Vingear + brown paper = Eduardo’s wonky leg fixed at last


Arsene Wenger, Tony Adams and Dennis Bergkamp were in the crowd last night to watch Arsenal Reserves take on Portsmouth Reserves at Barnet’s Underhill Stadium.

This was no routine reserve match on a cold Tuesday evening. It was [...]

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