Aston Villa are booted out of Europe by Rapid Vienna. Again.

Midlands club blow 3-2 agg. advantage by conceding 2 in 3 minutes

Last night an imploding Aston Viila paid for their reluctance to pick a manager and stick with him in the immediate aftermath of Martin O’Neill’s [...]

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Emile Heskey retires from international football

Ivanhoe calls time on England career


Flags at half-mast. Black armbands on. Strike up a funeral march – Emile Heskey has withdrawn himself from England selection.

After 62 caps and 7 (seven) goals, the Aston Villa striker has finally done what The Spoiler would’ve welcomed 61 caps ago and [...]

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Emile Heskey reveals how he ended Rio’s World Cup

‘Burly hitman’ is awfully sorry


You have to feel a little sorry for Emile Heskey. It’s not his fault managers persist on selecting him. Or that most pundits can’t go two minutes without spouting ball-achingly tired platitudes like “England strikers ‘love’ to play with him”. Or that he’s just [...]

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World Cup Fever

Name your England World Cup squad gatecrashers

Anyone for Zamora?… Repeat, anyone for Zamora?


With the season hotting up to around Excitement Factor 8, or, at a push, 9, the England team magnifying glass will surely be focusing on names that might yet force themselves into the squad for the World Cup.

It’s not been a [...]

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