Transfer stuff

Adebayor back to City, Patricio to United, and other stuff…

Goodbye, England’s rose…


It’s happened, the moment we’ve all been dreading – Cheryl Cole is leaving us to go to America.

Feel free to make some toilet attendant/accent joke if you want, but they’ve pretty much all been done and none of them are very funny. Not that it’s [...]

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Transfer Stuff

The Spoiler’s Great January transfer review

Kayla – Happy


The Spoiler had just about got over the excitement of yesterday’s absolutely crazy transfer nonsense when we opened our Sun to read that Kayla Collins likes British men! C’mon! Oompf! Get in!

That news almost tipped Spoiler HQ over the edge as hoards of us LADS [...]

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Whisper it, but Man City pay Adebayor loads of money…

“What 0.5% shrinkage in the economy?”


Below is a Twitter Tweet from football journalist Ian McGarry (@garbosj if you’re into that sort of thing)…

 ”MCFC# are insisting Real Madrid pay all of Adebayor wages for loan deal till end of season. RM delegation ‘staggered’ at what he earns.”

Doesn’t [...]

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Transfer stuff

Adebayor to Madrid, a youngester to Man Utd, and more…

Katona – canoodling


Kerry Katona has been seen canoodling in the park with her Dancing on Ice partner Dan Whiston. Who cares? What’s the point in these stories? The Spoiler is going to comment on the Daily Mail website to show how little it cares… Ooh, she accessorised with [...]

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African XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League African Cup of Nations XI

“Don’t mess up, Chelsea!”


With The African Cup of Nations set to deprive the Premier League of some wonderful players for the majority of January, The Spoiler thought it absolutely necessary to compile a team of the most brilliant Africans who won’t be representing their clubs for a hefty chunk of [...]

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