Homesick Blues

Leighton Baines reveals World Cup homesickness issues

Leighton having fun… NOT!

Leighton Baines

Of course, it would be easy to deride a man who admits that he struggles with shyness, so Leighton Baines will no doubt become the source of some “hilarious” jibes amongst the swarms of shirt wearing Saturday night cretins, who prefer “banter” to “conversation”, and feel [...]

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Old man Shilton plays keepy-uppy with Lampsie

Volleying practice at a Tesco’s FA Skills session

As usual, The Spoiler inbox has been filling up like a small ditch at the bottom of Slime Mountain, and some unfortunate [...]

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World Cup Fever

Right, here it is – The Spoiler’s England World Cup 23!

Mr Cool Guy

Fabio Capello

A hunch suggests that Capello will spend the weekend’s match figuring out his World Cup starting XI, with last night’s outing acting predominantly as a squad audition for more than a few of the players involved.

Walcott pretty much played himself out of any [...]

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England Fail!

Mexico fans win important football fancy dress battle

Mexico fans – hot, but not bothered

Mexico fans

During any football match, there are numerous battles going on. You’ve got the obvious one on the pitch, accompanied by hundreds of verbal ones in local pubs around the country, whilst in a wasteland somewhere geographically equidistant from the clubs, Danny Dyer [...]

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Video Highlights

England churn out a win against Mexico

England 3-1 Mexico

For those of you too busy watching Michael Barrymore freaking everyone out on Come Dine With Me, over on ITV England were flattering to deceive with a decent-sounding win against [...]

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