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Crouch’s relationship with Abbey Clancy totally pays off

Peter Crouch – fierce

Peter Crouch

When you look at footballers and their WAGs, sometimes it’s rather hard to see exactly what each member is bringing to the relationship table. Yes, he’s got the money, the high profile job, but what about her? She doesn’t seem to DO anything. [...]

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world cup fever

OMFG! Joe Cole is soooo good, hyperventilates Stevie G

Joe Cole – magic feet

Steven Gerrard and Joe Cole 

After a rather forgetable season - which appeared to average a playing time of about 28 seconds per match - most of the football-watching world has probably forgotten that Joe Cole was once a cheerful little pup with [...]

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A sensitive man

Capello has never liked me anyway, grumbles Sol Campbell

Sol – not paranoid or anything, but…

Sol Campbell

He’s always been a rather delicate flower, has Sol Campbell – the kind of man who would invite 100 people to his birthday party, only to silently freak out when only 98 turn up. Where were the other two? Did he [...]

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Arts and Crafts

Send in your “Victorious England” World Cup artwork…

Like this, from Spoiler reader, Dave Williams

World Cup 

The Spoiler likes nothing more than an afternoon of arts and crafts, and with the World Cup looming, it’s a great time to attach a World Cup theme to the usual hours of pottery, oil painting, and dicking around on Photoshop.


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World Cup Fever

World Cup Profile: England

Might this be the starting XI?


Familiar ground now - the England team. They always promise so much, then deliver something frustrating. Can they go all the way this year? And, more importantly, who ARE these people? Read on to find out…

Form Guide

Well, the famous 30 years of hurt [...]

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World Cup Fever

Well, at least Fabio Capello’s feeling massively confident

A serious man

Fabio Capello

In England’s case, thank sweet baby Moses for foreign managers. Past England bosses have tended to spend tournament build-ups attempting to conjure some kind of stupid bulldog spirit, as if geeing men up in the trenches, secretly knowing that they were about to die.

Not so [...]

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Breaking News

What if Terry’s foot keeps him out of the World Cup?

“Ow, my foot!”


As is the England tournament tradition, an important player has managed to bugger up his foot just weeks before kick off – namely, JT. And yes, the whisper on the street is that it’s the bloody metatarsal again.

A Chelsea statement reads thusly:

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