England are playing! Channel your excitement with a prediction contest!

Five teasing questions, only one winner (unless there’s a tie…)

Scott Parker

The Spoiler can’t decide what’s worse: the thought of two practically football-free months, or the fact that the exception to such a barren period is an uninspiring England game at Wembley?

It should be the first, but [...]

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A poll!

Should Jack Wilshere go to the U21 World Cup with England?

Will we be seeing more of this?


The Spoiler has largely ignored this question until… Now! Mainly because we thought Stuart Pearce and his boys would have the common sense not to include Jack Wilshere in his squad for the Under 21 World Cup in Denmark this summer.

According [...]

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No, really!

Flippin’ hell! An England friendly that was actually good!

Homer Simpson with a flag 

ghanafan.jpg There are some words that – when we see them in the Radio Times – are guaranteed to make The Spoiler turn the television off in anticipation of an evening of hellish boredom or teeth-grating tedium.

Some of those words include… ‘Vernon’, ‘Gear’, [...]

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