Man Utd PLC are absolutely hated and Fabio Capello needs to STFU

What’s not to love?


So, it turns out that Miss Marple, those Agatha Christie storybooks about a lovely old crime-solving English spinster is being made into a film by Disney. It will star Jennifer Garner as the Miss Marple. Sounds great.

Anyway, in relevant news, Manchester United have been [...]

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Boyo! etc.

Wales players take lessons to learn their own national anthem

Any excuse to post a nice picture – Misses Wales (left) and USA


Wales boss Gary Speed has got his players taking lessons from current Miss Wales winner, Courtnay Hamilton, on how to hit the right notes when the team lines up for the national anthem against England [...]

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Sepp Blatter says the English are bad losers

Them’s fightin’ words. You wanna t’row hands, Sepp?


FIFA prez Sepp Blatter has countered claims football’s governing body is riddled with corruption by suggesting the English are bad losers with a particularly severe case of sour grapes.

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World Cup 2018 – and the winner is… Russia!

Brilliant, thanks a lot

Miserable fans

With their addled minds overloaded with memories of Arshavin’s moving monologue, Gullit’s impressive Apprentice bike pitch, the Spanish men flashing up buzz words like “gourmet” to whet Fifa appetites, David Beckham’s hilarious childhood anecdotes, Fifa’s Executive Committee have finally spoken.

And the winner [...]

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Place your bets

2018 World Cup presentations over, last chance to gamble!

“Kneel before Zod!”

Prince William

For those who missed it, that was some dynamite television.

To summarise: for Holland/Belgium, Cruyff complained about fat kids, they showed a Poirot film, then Gullit attempted to flog bikes to Fifa, explaining that “bikes are not a gimmick”.

Spain/Portugal stood staring at their [...]

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A guide

World Cup 2018 bid – let the schmoozing commence!

“I want to be able to see my face in that sign!”


After the small furore thanks to an intriguingly timed episode of Panorama, and then yesterday’s hot photos of Britain’s Next Male Model finalists – Prince William, Davids Beckham and Cameron – boarding an Easyjet to Zurich, there’s [...]

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Who do you want to see start against France tomorrow?

Fabio Capello plans to ring some sensible changes


Fabio Capello has confirmed it’ll be a fresh-faced England side who take to the pitch against France tomorrow, with Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson and Kieran Gibbs all definite to start.

Who do you reckon should join them?

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