Bright Lights

10 Greatest Sportsmen/women turned actors EVER!

Cruise and Beckham – known to one another a Tom and David

Tom Cruise and David Beckham 

The big news from today’s Sun is that Tom Cruise totally thinks that David Beckham should give acting a go, once he’s finally hung up his football slippers, and stuffed [...]

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Sci-Fi news

Eric Cantona penciled in to battle pompous timelord

Story represented using deft Photoshop skills

Cantona Doctor Who 

If you happen to be a fan of both Man United and the hit BBC television programme, Doctor Who, then today is probably the best day of your life. 

According to the ooh ahh Daily Star, Eric Cantona is being lined up to play [...]

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Bad Etiquette

5 footballers behaving rather inappropriately

Oi Robbie! No!

Robbie Fowler 

Those of you with eagle-eyes will have noticed some rather disturbing behaviour during the Man United/Tottenham tie at the weekend. For those who didn’t see it, Nani scored a beauty, then ruined the whole thing a few minutes later by randomly puking his guts [...]

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Squad Number Politics

Is Michael Owen worthy of the Manchester Utd No7 shirt?

Former Newcastle hitman joins a list of United legends

Michael Owen

Those who expected Michael Owen’s new Manchester Utd squad number to be in the high double digits were given a shock yesterday, as the Fit & Healthy Charismatic striker was rewarded with the highly coveted No7 squad number.


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