Staying in m'lord

ESPN lure the American audience with Fulham vs Hull

For those who don’t care much for Panorama

Big big game

If tonight’s Panorama, promising a gritty investigation into life on a Bristol estate, doesn’t appeal, some even grittier action is available on ESPN this evening. Hull did the double over Fulham last season, so Hodgson’s [...]

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Staying in m'lord

Stay up late for Uruguay vs Argentina tonight

England the hors d’oeuvre ahead of an Argentine main course


Starting at 5pm, you can take your televisual pick from five meaningless World Cup qualifiers, before the real action starts at a slightly-inconvenient-if-you-work time of 11.

Germany (already through) vs Finland (already out) help ESPN stave [...]

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It will cost up to £12 a month to watch ESPN’s 46 Premier League games

The European Commission’s decision to deny Sky Sports the right to broadcast every televised game will again hit fans in the wallet

The Spoiler hoped that the one good thing that could potentially stem from Setanta’s collapse would be Premier League football being made cheaper to watch – obviously we weren’t too optimistic but [...]

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