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Pele has a quiet word with Neymar… it doesn’t work

Kids, do as Pele says… or not… your choice


The whisper echoing across the many oceans is that Santos managed to enlist the help of the fourth or fifth greatest footballer ever - Pele - in a bid to stop Neymar from leaving the club and moving to Chelsea.

Only it hasn’t entirely worked.

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African XI

The Spoiler’s Premier League African Cup of Nations XI

“Don’t mess up, Chelsea!”


With The African Cup of Nations set to deprive the Premier League of some wonderful players for the majority of January, The Spoiler thought it absolutely necessary to compile a team of the most brilliant Africans who won’t be representing their clubs for a hefty chunk of [...]

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Judgmental Fashion Eye

Tal Ben Haim ignores Lampard’s fashion bible and fails to shine


Tal Ben Haim might have been the most stylish guy in the dressing room back in his Bolton days, but bear in mind that he was up against Diouf’s eclectic hip-hop outfits, and an old woman in a flowery dress feverishly scrubbing her front step.

Line him up against [...]

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