Party at Pepe Reina’s house

Liverpool keeper takes delivery of a lot of booze

In a football world of psychoanalysis, dieticians and GPS player tracking, it is nice to hear of an initiative which rewards successful fat players [...]

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Terry Venables joint-favourite to take over at Newcastle

SkyBet slash former England boss to 2/1

terry venables

Terry Venables’ odds to succeed Kevin Keegan as Newcastle manager have been slashed from 33/1 to just 2/1 on SkyBet after a flurry of three-figure bets were placed on the former England boss earlier today.

It was reported on Sunday [...]

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Spanish Bruiser

Sergio Ramos’ guide to being street tough

People who hate being terrified, look away now

Sergio Ramos

Kids, put your guns and knives back in the kitchen drawer where they belong, nowadays it’s tough to be soft. Just look at Sergio Ramos – he’s a big strong defender, but he’s not scared to wear a womanly [...]

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Where Sport Meets Porn

Luigi Buffon pays lip service to Thierry Henry

Keeper and striker kiss each other. On the mouth.

Luigi Buffon and Thierry Henry

Following a crushing defeat, Thierry Henry can do all the disappointed shoulder shrugging he likes, but when it comes down to it, he simply can’t resist the advances of a [...]

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Party in the sky

Video: Spain’s mile high Euro 2008 celebrations

Ok guys, you won. We get it.

There’s only one thing worse than being sat between Naomi Campbell and Liam Gallagher on an aeroplane, and it is depicted above.

Having Pepe Reina scream [...]

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God Complex

Luka Modric in strange poolside ritual shocker!

Man allows woman out of cage… for a bit

Footballers are adored by women. You’ve seen them, hanging around in clubs, sweeping up girls like they were big bosomy clumps of dust and they were the world’s most efficient vacuum cleaner. Hence, they can get away with all sorts of strange demands when they’re on [...]

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