New faces

Name your ideal England side for the next big tournament

Laters, granddads!


In light of such a terrible World Cup, the Sunday papers would have you believe that while the dangling axe might have missed Capello, it shan’t be so clumsy when ridding of geriatrics like JT, Led, old man Becksie, Lamp Lamp, and the Cole Sisters.

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Euro 2012

Get excited everyone, England face Wales in Euro qualifiers!

Yeah, Giggs won’t actually be playing

England Wales

Those of you who didn’t make it past the column inches dedicated to deciphering exactly what makes John Terry tick in bed might well have missed the big news about England’s Euro 2012 qualifying group – which, by the way, reads [...]

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Cute Logo!

Is Euro 2012 aimed at girls?

Grrrr, football

Euro 2012 

Without wanting to get all macho and hairy-chested about it, football is often marked out as a game for warriors. Full of grit, passion, shouty opera music, bone-crunching tackles, balls smashing into nets, people yelling at each other. It’s inspiring stuff.

Which makes the Euro [...]

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