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Fulham put on a brave show, but Madrid nab it

Atletico Madrid 2-1 Fulham

For those of you still struggling to come to terms with a fifth terrestrial channel – which, by the way, doesn’t seem convinced by HD [...]

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Great night for Fulham. Liverpool – less so

Fulham 2-1 Hamburg

For those of you too busy watching the repeat of the recent political debates, in which Gordon Brown would punctuate his sentences with sharp gurning toad-like breaths, Fulham were busily [...]

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Liverpool Striker Crisis

Rafa seriously running out of options up front

Ngog and Kuyt – both a bit poorly

Ngog and Kuyt

If Rafa Benitez thinks that he’s having a bad day, he’d be wise to look up a colleague of Gordon Brown’s called Sue. Sue is having one of the worst days ever. For those of you who [...]

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Travel Update

Liverpool players do serious male bonding on train

Stevie really got to know himself on that train

Steven Gerrard

In a football re-imagining of the classic Hollywood device where two contrasting bozos get stuck in a lift/stranded on an island, only to learn through the slow passage of time that, actually, they quite like each other, apparently [...]

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Warm nights in Europe for Liverpool and Fulham

Liverpool 4-1 Benfica

For those far too busy overreacting to the nice weather to watch football, it was a decent night of European results. You can see one set of highlights above, then [...]

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