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Liverpool eye up a brand new striker, Eva Longoria update…

Eva Longoria – a woman scorned

Eva Longoria

In a US basketball recreation of the infamous Terry/Bridge debacle, Eva Longoria’s husband – sportsman Tony Parker – has reportedly been feverishly having it off with one of his team mate’s wives. Unfortunately, this homage to JT hasn’t gone down so [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 262: Alexandra Paressant

If this liar was wearing pants, they would probably be on fire

Some ladies will go the distance to become a WAG, but not all will go as far as Alexandra Paressant, who has twice combined her loves of sport, shamelessness and lying to hit the headlines.

In 2006, the French [...]

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Picture of the Day

Eva Longoria will not help your basketball skills

Basketball WAG hinders husband’s performance

Tony Parker Eva Longoria

A Hornets fan has discovered a perfect way to distract San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, by holding up a big ol’ cardboard cutout of his wife Eva Longoria. The beardy chap looks delighted with [...]

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Lonely Footballer

Has Beckham finally had enough?


The LA Galaxy experiment must have left Beckham feeling pretty fed up. The team consistently under-performs, his only friend away from the pitch has a Hitler haircut and keeps making the same joke about aliens bombing volacanos, and now the wife has got her own friends.

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