Bolton’s £120,000 man is poised for yet another miserable night

Everton appear destined for success at both ends against strugglers


Football fans should by now be so acclimatised to the mechanics of the transfer market as to barely blink at any figure hurled forward, but try as we might, the feeling of queasiness about rumours that Gary Cahill is holding out for £120,000-a-week to join Chelsea won’t budge.

Cahill and his Bolton team-mates aren’t quite [...]

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Merseyside Derby’s Childhood Allegiance Switching XI

Blue for childhood Everton supporters, red for Liverpool

Merseyside Derby XI

It’s a big day for the children of Merseyside on Sunday, as they spend the morning away from church painting their faces either shocking red, or deep ocean blue – quite probably dreaming of one day playing [...]

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The Big Question

Come on then, who’s going to win the Merseyside Derby?

If you can avoid it, don’t go to Liverpool this weekend. It’s Derby weekend, which means that in amongst the usual coughing, hacking, throat clearing and sniffing that constitutes a typical conversation with one of the local Jamie Carraghers, there will also a very real air of tension and danger between Liverpool locals from the red corner and those from the [...]

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Crossing Divides

Michael Owen to join notorious list of football maniacs

Picture this, only Owen in blue

Michael Owen

If you happen to be passing through Merseyside in the coming days, expect to hear an orchestra of throats clearing and a strange noise that sounds like people going ”mar-clowin” over and over again.

Don’t worry, it’s just scouse for “Michael Owen”, and they’re talking about the rumours [...]

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So what could these mystery Fellaini pics be of?

The big news from today’s Sun is that they were about to run some embarrassing pictures of Marouane Fellaini, but were gagged at the last minute.

Bearing in mind that this is a man with permanent clown hair, who was once caught out for steamrollering a member of the Rooney family – he [...]

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