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Make loads of money with a bet on the FA Cup Final!

Any excuse…


The most exciting event of the year is just hours away and The Spoiler can barely contain its excitement.

Surely – SURELY! – this is the year we’ll be able to put the Great back into Britain with a win the Eurovision Song Contest? We’ve got Blue [...]

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The Big Question

Should David James be Fabio’s Number One this summer?

Pictured with Henry Redknapp and a silver platter

James and Redknapp

It is a worry that England appear to be readying themselves for a World Cup without a clear vision as to who should go in goal. But if Petr Cech had anything to do with it, it’d [...]

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News in Brief

Hull scrap frightens grannies, Cup Final fury, and Robinho…


Phil Brown 

Of course, probably the most baffling story of the day concerns the missing body of the soul/funk legend, James Brown. Apparently, it’s vanished. Everyone has been freaking out, some unable to work through the worry of it all, others playing The Payback (after the jump) over [...]

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Strange Fan

Ten things you didn’t know about that strange Portsmouth maniac

Europe awaits world’s most annoying fan


It’s a sad day for the FA Cup final when all the cameramen are more interested in that astonishing looking idiot in the stands, dressed like a monster, leaping up and down. The Spoiler thought it wise to delve a little bit deeper [...]

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FA Cup Final

Why the FA Cup could be on its way to Wales

Cardiff/ Portsmouth, Saturday, 3pm, BBC1, bet here

Cardiff City FC

In an early episode of the League of Gentlemen, demented old bag Tubbs Tattsyrup (favourite food: worms) retires to a cave with a road map of Britain. The map comes from the belongings of yet another [...]

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