Why Brighton fans are thrilled to be planning a trip to Liverpool

Brighton know how to find their way from Liverpool to Wembley...


Gus Poyet’s Brighton masterplan involves visiting Anfield on a yearly basis. So the ardour greeting their prize of an FA Cup fifth round date at Liverpool isn’t inspired by awe at the glamour of the treat that Gaizka Mendieta helped serve up but belief that it is a sign that they are Wembley-bound.

The Seagulls [...]

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Wolves to mark the darkest day in Internet history with a win



The Wikipedia genii have thought up a shrewd way to build support in their disgust at US Congress proposals which they say will see the Internet fall to pieces faster than Portsmouth after a takeover: show the world how screwed they are with no Wikipedia to turn to for might-be-true factoids.

Their 24-hour protest blackout [...]

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"Coming over here. Taking jobs from English beers..."

And the brand new sponsor of the FA Cup is…



BUDWEISER! From next season the FA Cup will be called The FA Cup with Budweiser.

The Spoiler is expecting a few people to get a bit arsey about an archetypal American brand sponsoring the FA Cup, but it’s sponsorship, innit? It’s never going to be a pretty business.


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A City United

Well Done on being good at football, Manchester!



There has been so much YouTube-based nonsense doing the rounds today that The Spoiler hasn’t even had time to congratulate Manchester United and Manchester City on their success this past weekend…

Well done!

For some reason, there seems to be a distinct lack of excitement around their fantastic [...]

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A poll!

Do you care there are other games on FA Cup final day?

Pulis – gutted


Despite our assertion that FA Cup finals are a bit ‘meh’ in terms of on-pitch action, we still absolutely love all the build-up – watching clips of Ronnie Radford on a marvellously muddy pitch, the teammates bit when the captains tell us how all the lads [...]

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