Excellent XI

The Spoiler’s Team of the Decade

Did this man make it? Read on (CLUE: yes he did)


It’s hard to know how to correctly refer to the next decade – “the tens”? The “two thousand and tens”? The “teens”? No one honestly knows. Either way, below is a compiled list of the greatest players of [...]

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The Spoiler Bet of the Day

Back Italy to win next summer’s World Cup at 15.0 on Betfair

Italy win the 2006 World Cup

The Spoiler is not cruel enough to lie to you and pretend Italy are anything other than crap right now. However, they were just as awful before [...]

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Cristiano Ronaldo threatened with injury by voodoo priest

Sorcerer is currently making anti-CRon spell in his ‘laboratory’


The ever-mental Spanish sports papers have excelled themselves once more, with news reaching us from El Mundo that Real Madrid is under siege by an anonymous voodoo priest.

A letter has been received by the club from a man [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 354: Daniela Cannavaro

The other half of a World Cup-winning captain

Unlike the current FIFA World Player of the Year, 2006 winner Fabio Cannavaro is a one-woman-kinda-guy. The 35-year-old defender – who will return to Juventus next season – met wife Daniela at a party in 1990, when he was just sixteen.

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