FA reveal the next England manager will be homegrown

Goin’ English from here on out


Continuing the encouraging theme of everyone talking about him as if he’s a dead man walking, it appears the FA have confirmed Fabio Capello‘s eventual successor will definitely be an Englishman, who will have naturally been weaned on a steady diet of GRIT. [...]

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A tribute

8 memorable David Beckham England moments

Yeah, seeya!

David Beckham 

In many ways, Capello’s rather tactless handling of the Beckham situation has done the metrosexual one a favour. After all, look at the options – it’s either this, or Beckham trundling about the pitch clutching his back like an international football tribute to the [...]

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Tittle Tattle

The truth about John Terry and Steven Gerrard REVEALED

England love triangle?

Rooney Terry Gerrard

As pointed out many times, The Spoiler is very well connected, with a mob of secret squirrels all over the country, listening through boardroom walls with mini-pint jugs pressed to their ears, smoking endless cigarellos.

Today, The Spoiler’s top squirrel has filed [...]

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Stewart Downing demands to know why he didn’t go to the World Cup this summer

*strikes signature pose*


Anyone perusing the papers this morning may have noticed Aston Villa winger Stewart Downing, a player who would give his right arm to be justifiably described as even one-trick pony, launching an indignant ‘attack’ on England gaffer Fabio Capello after failing to make the 30 man [...]

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How to draw Fabio Capello

It’s all circles, apparently

Legendary artist and ‘mental humanities teacher’-a-like Paul Trevillion (of You Are the Ref and Roy of the Rovers fame) guides us through an expert portrait of Don Fabio.


An instructional [...]

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