Photoshop Skills

Players think Capello looks like Postman Pat… they’re wrong

He looks like “Mel B” from Bo Selecta

Bo Capello

The big news from the Daily Mail is that the England players lightened the mood during their doomed trip to South Africa by laughing amongst themselves about how Capello looks a bit like the children’s entertainer, Postman Pat.

A “source” said [...]

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Problems Problems

Roughly 10 World Cup mistakes made by England

Textbook stop by Green… oh hang on!

Robert Green

From now until the point at which everyone gets tired of analysing England’s problems, and resort instead to puffing out their cheeks and walking away crying whenever the World Cup is mentioned, the microscope will be focussed on what exactly went wrong.


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Quick, England need a World Cup scapegoat! But who?

This man perhaps?


And lo, England had a shocker against the Germans, and that’s it for another World Cup. Will the likes of JT, Lampo, Steven G, Jamesie and the Cole Sisters ever get to play on such a big stage again? Sod that, who should we [...]

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Life in the England dugout

Calm down, dear

As revealed in this compilation from Spanish telly, it’s basically 64 year old Fabio Capello laughing in the face of high blood pressure, and Stuart Pearce getting bullied.

[via ONTDF]

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Next England manager odds now being offered by bookies

Could this be Fab’s last day at work?


Whispers from FA HQ are hinting England/Slovenia could be the end of the road for Fabio Capello, should it all goes tits up this afternoon. Bookies have already started offering odds on his replacement, and our pals have got a few [...]

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