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Man City players get extremely metrosexual about it

“Joleon is wearing a coat… Kolo is wearing lemons on his feet”

Lescott and Toure

Now, unlike our dungareed lesbian colleagues, The Spoiler doesn’t like to partake either of these two things: 1. The dark art of stereotyping. And 2. The Spoiler never EVER makes assumptions. Which is why today [...]

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Sunderland stars hit the catwalk for charity

Footballers raise money by playing fancy dress

Earlier this week, Sunderland FC held a charity event called ‘Fashion Strikes’, for which a £110 ticket would entitle the holder the [...]

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The Keegan Experiment

Forget relegation – Keegan has fashion modelling to do!

Hansel and Zoolander get some leather-clad competition on the catwalk

Kevin Keegan on the catwalk

Last night, Kevin Keegan took part in a charity fashion show organised by Shay Given, a man who wears gloves and shorts for a living. During the course of the evening, [...]

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