Ronaldinho has clearly been enjoying himself this summer

Portly playmaker waddles around Brazil


Perhaps missing out on the World Cup was a blessing in disguise for Ronaldinho. While his mates trudge home in disgrace, the man they call Gaucho has been having a whale of time (sponsored by pies and ale, from the looks of things) letting [...]

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Mr Big Stuff

Terrible news for Ronaldinho

AC Milan shirts make you look fat…

AC Milan

Fatties are horrible people, always searching for excuses for their big blubbery bellies – I’m big boned, it’s genetic, I’m actually really quite ill, seriously. But now footballers with squodgy stomachs, like Ronaldinho, really might have a valid excuse for [...]

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Portly Supporters

Are Manchester City fans getting fatter?

New kit designed for the ‘thinly-challenged’

Manchester City Fat

The cunning marketing folk at Manchester City have come up with an ingenious euphemism for ‘suitable for fat bastards’, by claiming their shirts are ‘more generous’. It’s a shame Ronaldinho didn’t sign on, he definitely would have appreciated [...]

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Tubby 'Ballers

Wayne Rooney: still fat

Striker fails to trim down during summer of excess

Wayne Rooney is fat

It’s obviously a slow news day, as the two big stories in the papers are Rio Ferdinand’s Stamford Bridge steward kicking incident (which happened three months ago) and Wayne Rooney’s expanding waistline.

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Ronaldinho is back, still hideously overweight

Barca striker proves that black isn’t a slimming colour


Over the weekend, troubled Barcelona star Ronaldinho finally returned from ‘injury’ to appear in a Venezuelan charity match. The Brazilian netted two good goals in front of the 38,000 strong crowd, but 7-7 final scoreline suggests the standard wasn’t particularly [...]

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