Jens Lehmann dropped for visiting German beer festival

Manic keeper caught living it up hours after defeat lehmann.jpg

The German festival of Oktoberfest (which actually happens mostly in September) is great. It takes place in Munich and provides a good excuse for everyone to get bladdered on quality beers for two and a half weeks, while dressed up [...]

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WAG of the Day

WAG No. 369: Lilli Hollunder

German actress, TV presenter and underwear enthusiast

German actress Lilli Hollunder is best known in her home nation for her starring role in slightly tosh daily soap Verbotene Liebe (Forbidden Love). The 22-year-old has recently branched out into the world of TV presenting, and is now the face of

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WAg of the Day

WAG No 301: Monika Puchalski

One of the Bundesliga’s better known supporting ladies

Polish-born striker Lukas Podolski is hugely popular in Germany, but he hasn’t been having such a great time at Bayern Munich. He has already agreed to move back to FC Köln at the end of the season, which means Colgne will also be [...]

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Pixels for sale

FC Köln find unique way of funding Podolski transfer

Fans buy advertising space on Poldi’s face

Lukas Podolski fund raiser

Polish-born Germany striker Lukas Podolski is thoroughly unsettled at current club Bayern Munich, and has now secured a move back to his first Bundesliga club FC Köln, to begin in July.

Poldi is one of the [...]

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