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Arsene Wenger voted the best coach of THE DECADE

Wenger – delighted


The Spoiler often thanks sweet baby Moses for the very existence of statisticians. Without them, toiling away with magnifying glasses and tweezers, we’d be forced into doing research of our own. Bor-ring!

All of which leads very seamlessly to some interesting information from the International Federation of Football [...]

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Cursed Wine Bar News

Rooney would be wise to stay away from jinxed nightclub

Panacea nightclub – popular amongst housewives?


Fans of Greek mythology will already be well aware that Panacea was the goddess of healing. But did you know that she is also a popular Manchester wine bar which Wayne Rooney would be very wise to avoid in future?

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Classy Gentlemen

Some lovely pictures of Man United in New York

Oh God! That’s Ryan Giggs! In New York!

United in New York 

For anyone new to the site, here’s the deal: earlier in the week, in a moment of mindlessly flicking through a discarded copy of OK! magazine, The Spoiler became unwittingly inspired.

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The Big Question

Vote for who you would LIKE to win the league

The two candidates

Ferguson and Ancelotti

In an almost exact football recreation of this week’s general election, come next Sunday, all of the glory shall be bestowed on either the ale swillers who like to wear red, or the mojito drinkers who prefer blue. In an ideal world, [...]

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Gill Jnr

United chiefs look to their own children to solve crisis

Big night for Oliver Gill’s daddy

David Gill

Whilst the children at Arsenal continue to struggle up front, up in beautiful Manchester, it’s the other end of the pitch that has been causing all manner of whirring sounds in the meticulous Ferguson brain.

He’s now without eight of his defenders - namely: Vidic, [...]

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