Massive Champions League news

Benfica stand between Chelsea and the right to lose to Barcelona

APOEL's chances of Champions League glory also suffer a blow


While you’ve been screaming at horses on television, over in Switzerland, that loveable bald bloke has been perfecting the art of time wasting.

In between those eagerly-anticipated video montages, he did manage to oversee the Champions League draw, and miraculously, kept Real Madrid and Barcelona apart. Not just in the quarter-final, but in the semis [...]

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Tottenham are doing Modric a favour by blanking Chelsea

Chelsea’s attempts to shop locally rarely produce good results

Luka Modric

Luka Modric is bossing the back pages right now. The Croatian misguidedly assumed gentlemanliness to be a common characteristic of football folk and is now angry that Spurs won’t stick to an apparent gentleman’s agreement to let him [...]

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Is Liverpool target Stewart Downing a £20 million player?

The reasons why Aston Villa feel entitled to demand a big sum

Stewart Downing

Both the BBC and Sky Sports agree that Liverpool had a £15 million bid for Stewart Downing rejected because Aston Villa are hoping to recoup £20 million for the winger. It sounds extortionate, but Villa [...]

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Previously on Football...

The Spoiler awards – Biggest Mistake of the Season

Faces for the radio…


This season hasn’t all been great goals and magic matches and stuff like that. Unfortunately, there have also been plenty of things happening that shouldn’t have happened.

In fact, there have been so many things that have gone wrong this season past, that The [...]

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award news

The PFA Fans’ Player of the Year is… Raul Meireles. Really? REALLY.



There’s a bit in our favourite film – Men in Black – when Tommy Lee Jones’ grizzly old agent is talking to Will Smith’s rogue, rule-breaking, but-goddamit-he-gets-results guy and says this:

“A person is smart; people are dumb panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

Ignoring the ‘panicky [...]

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Man Utd v Chelsea stuff

Man Utd are through. Torres is rubbish. Giggs is brilliant



That was more like it, wasn’t it? After a pretty boring couple of days in the normally mental world of football, Man Utd’s win over Chelsea at least threw up a few talking points.

Unfortunately, one of the biggest talking points is [...]

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A poll!

What would you do if you were Carlo Ancelotti?

Maybe one of these would stand a better chance of scoring?


The Spoiler has a friend who loves hypothetical questions like you would not believe. Barely a conversation goes by without him asking the type of questions that would make a five-year-old wince and have Jeremy Paxman spin [...]

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