Betting info

Some excellent betting stats about tonight’s massive game

Imagine this, but with Torres in blue…


Manchester United face Chelsea this evening and it looks like being a bloody good game.

Fernando Torres loves playing against United, Chelsea have nothing to lose, United have Wayne Rooney available after recovering from an elbow injury sustained when James McCarthy [...]

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A list!

Ancelotti reckons Chelsea have Europe’s best strikers. Hmm…

Imagine this but with Anelka as well


There’s something well exciting about a list – and it’s even better if it goes in reverse order. The excitement builds and builds until you can’t take any more and you HAVE to know what the Greatest Shade of Beige Ever is [...]

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Controversial stuff

Is this the worst Premier League season ever?

… Misty, watercoloured memories

cantona.jpg The Spoiler is a bit confused. Yes, there have been some brilliant games and some tip-top goals in the Premier League this season, but there seems to be something missing.

The fact that Nemanja Vidic looks set to win player of the year suggests [...]

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straight talking

Daniel Agger doesn’t believe in mincing his words

Daniel Agger is fast becoming one of The Spoiler’s favourite players. Not only does he have a massive Sistine Chapel-mocking Viking burial ground tattooed on his back (really) but he’s started to cut through the BS of the EPL with some straight talking.

About Liverpool under Roy Hodgson he said:

“Look at the team – [...]

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Transfer Stuff

The Spoiler’s Great January transfer review

Kayla – Happy


The Spoiler had just about got over the excitement of yesterday’s absolutely crazy transfer nonsense when we opened our Sun to read that Kayla Collins likes British men! C’mon! Oompf! Get in!

That news almost tipped Spoiler HQ over the edge as hoards of us LADS [...]

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A poll!

(Carroll + Suarez) – (Torres/No Adam) = better Liverpool?

Lynx – firey


Well, that all went a bit bloody mental didn’t it? After weeks of boredom listening to people saying: “£18m for Darren Bent? All he does is score loads of goals,” the transfer window got all exciting as money was thrown about in a manner that would [...]

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Deadline Day

Tottenham money splurge, and cheerio Torres!

Obviously taking a leaf from the magician’s handbook, Spurs have opted to use the distraction method to divert attention away from yesterday’s flaccid drubbing at the hands of Fulham. How? By spending money! Lots of it!   Or at least trying to.   Here’s what we know about deadline day transfers, thanks to all of [...]

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