Transfer stuff

Chelsea make £35m bid for Torres. Or was it was £40m? Or £60m?

“Booooring…”torres.jpgChelsea have attempted to show they can still mix it with the big boys in the playground by making a never-to-be-accepted bid for Fernando Torres. The ladies and gents of the British press have gone absolutely MENTAL about this – despite Liverpool spending the summer fending off Chelsea’s amorous advances [...]

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Transfer Talk

Man City money cannon points at Fernando Torres

Fans of Kelly Brook might be dispirited to know that she’s reportedly having another crack at a relationship with the bad boy of rugger – Danny Cipriani. If it helps to read it, you probably never really had much of a chance anyway. It’s not your fault…. it’s not your fault… it’s not [...]

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New Liverpool Man?

Roy Hodgson to have a pop at landing Darren Bent


Darren Bent

With only the shadow of Fernando Torres offering any valid attacking threat, Roy Hodgson has now been linked with a host of decent frontmen to boost his side’s chances of digging themselves out of the doldrums.

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