Motor Skills

Cristiano Ronaldo insists he is a good driver

C-Ron defends his recent motoring accident

Cristiano Ronaldo’ Ferrari

A few weeks ago, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to raise his insurance premiums even further into the stratosphere by making some drastic alterations to the chassis of his gorgeous £200,000 Ferrari 599 GTB.

Today, he has insisted his driving skills [...]

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Motor Fan

Frank Lampard wants a vintage Ferrari

Midfielder searches for a stylish new ride

Frank Lampard and a Ferrari

Credit may be terribly crunchy for most of us at the moment, but Frank Lampard clearly hasn’t had to start doing his weekly shop at Aldi yet.

Instead of preparing for his trip to [...]

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Flashy Motor

Pennant mistreats sports car

Ooh, check out Mr Nice Car! 


There are rules when you have a red Ferrari. Strict rules. For example, you must only drive it around poor areas – that way people have something to aspire to when they’re tucking into their powdered eggs. And most importantly, your car must [...]

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