Dog steals Sepp Blatter’s identity (and his seat on plane)

Yes, it’s a slow news day.


A couple of crafty pet owners have managed to bag their dog free flights across Africa after changing his name to ‘Sepp Blatter‘ and taking advantage of an offer in a South African newspaper.

Budget airline Kululu were recently forced to apologise [...]

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FIFA threaten crackdown on vuvuzelas in World Cup games

South African horns could be reduced to makeshift beer bongs


Despite having been around for the best part of two decades, and therefore definitely existing when South Africa submitted their World Cup bid (in fact, Nelson Mandela urged fans to bring them to host nation unveiling in 2004), the [...]

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Be the best

How to be successful – The Sepp Blatter story (Part One)

If Sepp had his way, they’d all look like this

Stockings and suspenders

In these trying financial times, it’s important that children get an education that stretches beyond the national curriculum. It’s not all about dotting the correct “i” and crossing the necessary “t” any more, kids. You need [...]

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It’s all going slightly wrong at Moses Mabhida stadium

60% of World Cup tickets returned unsold, while pensioners faint


The last thing anyone wants to do is add to ongoing hysteria surrounding the South Africans’ ability to host an incident-free World Cup (don’t worry UK, we’ll get our turn in 2012). However, recent news from the country’s sunny [...]

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The Big Question

The introduction of goal-line technology – a good thing?

This man doesn’t seem to think so…

Sepp Blatter

The word from today’s Mirror is that FIFA have decided to put the kibosh on any further experimentation with goal-line technology, much to the sheer fury of Premier League managers.

Sepp Blatter has long advocated the idea that “people thrive [...]

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