Pitch Rage

Top 5: Managers losing it on the sideline

When gaffers lose their cool in spectacular style

Joe Kinnear and Phil Brown ruck

For the twelve-thousand time in his career, Joe Kinnear was sent to the stands after reciting his naughty word vocabulary at Phil Brown. The Newcastle manager, however, didn’t get as angry [...]

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Sexy Violence News

Which Inter Milan star started a nightclub brawl?

Chilean internationals fight it out over attractive lady


It seems that Steven Gerrard isn’t the only one arguing with his fists over this festive period.

Inter Milan midfielder Luis Jimenez has held a grudge over fellow Chilean international Mauricio Pinilla after the South American press claimed the latter had slept with the former’s wife, [...]

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Fightin' Round The World

Video: Vinnie Jones’ bar brawl

Footage of hardman’s latest scrap finally surfaces

As you undoubtedly saw in the papers this morning, for some reason, Vinnie Jones found himself in a South Dakota bar, and [...]

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Marlon King and Dean Windass brawl in a casino

Hull stars guilty of “violent and appalling behaviour”

Scarborough Opera House Casino

Following in the noble footsteps of Craig Bellamy, Dean Windass and Marlon King staged a fight at a casino. The lucky venue was the Scarborough Opera House Casino, where the Hull stars kicked [...]

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Fightin' Round The World

West Ham supporters demonstrate the correct way to behave abroad

Fans incapacitated with silly string, according to picture below

West Ham fans in Colombus, Ohio

In preparation for Thursday’s match against the MLS all-stars, West Ham somehow found themselves in Columbus, Ohio for a friendly against The Crew. Things were going well yesterday, until shortly [...]

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Craig Bellamy beat up a charity worker in Sierra Leone

Striker misinterprets purpose of goodwill mission

Craig bellamy

When it comes down to it, Craig Bellamy is a good guy. If you ignore the golf club attacks on teammates, nightclub assaults on women, chair hurling, racially aggravated assault and his thoroughly unprofessional attitude to transfers, he’s just a sweet [...]

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