Serbia star axed for refusing to sing on Saturday

It didn’t do Cheryl Cole any harm on The Voice…


Perhaps pre-empting the match-fixing drama polluting Italian football’s emergence as a headline hog, two protagonists of Fiorentina’s rather lively campaign engineered some fresh chaos this weekend.

Adem Ljajic’s two prior claims to fame are a bungled move to Manchester United and being swung at earlier in May by his then coach Delio Rossi after sarcastically [...]

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Stupid Drugs!

Oh for heaven’s sake, not again Adrian Mutu!

“Got any stuff?”

Adrian Mutu

Drugs, they’re a bloody nightmare. They can turn moon-faced schoolkids into grotty old homeless women in less than a month, taken in the correct dosage. And the sad truth is that once you get that hunger for drugs, it will gnaw away at your insides, [...]

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Not great nights for Liverpool or Arsenal…

Liverpool 1-2 Fiorentina

Liverpool’s rather flaccid Champions League campaign ended with a whimper, as they failed to deliver a rousing swan song at home against Fiorentina.

Of course, none of that stopped cheerful [...]

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Sporno bumper post!

Celebrate Friday with an avalanche of inadvertent man love…


Cheers to Simon Bagel and eRe. The rest after the jump…

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Deluded orange man

Is there a more deluded man in Britain than Phil Brown?

Hull boss believes his side’s 1-6 versus Liverpool was ever so similar to Fiorentina’s 2-0 victory

Phil Brown

To the layman observer of professional football, Liverpool’s last two matches have been a little different. On the one hand, a porous defence seemingly intent on allowing Fernando Torres the match [...]

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